Artesian Spas are proud to introduce their first exercise only swim spa to their TidalFit line, the Core Swim 14.

This 14ft swim spa is perfect for the avid swimmer looking to maximise swim space, and is equipped with a powerful Quad Swim system, built-in spa steps, and a BellagioFall as standard. Whether you would like to train professionally, or just increase your endurance, the Quad Swim Jet System or the Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer offer you the workout options you desire.

The Perfect Swim

Artesian Spas have mastered the perfect swim current, no matter what your ability with the new Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer. This new innovative system incorporates an even more powerful swim by combining a true variable speed swim system and expertly designed jets to provide a balanced, stable swim current.

This system allows a variety of swim options by varying swim resistance, simply by pushing a button on the Touch Screen LCD Panel. Swimming resistance can be set anywhere from 0% to 100%, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer, you can always find the perfect swim current for your workout.

Interval Training can also be set up by using the ten available swim programmes, which can be varied in time from 1 minute to 30 minutes and power from 0% to a maximum 100%. In addition to this training control functionality, you can customise your swim spa by choosing additional training equipment, lighting options and you have an option to purchase a semi-inground TidalFit design for maximum energy efficiency.

Sound Systems

As a TidalFit owner you also have the additional option to have your own choice of inclusive music to enhance your aquatic workouts. Artesian’s user-friendly stereo options allow you to simply connect through Bluetooth with any smart device to instantly stream your favourite songs.

Diamond Sparkle

One thing is for sure, even though TidalFit models are manufactured close to Las Vegas’ most famous strip, there is no gamble with the option of their cutting-edge water purification systems. Whether you choose to add Diamond AOP, ProPure Ozone or Ozone to your TidalFit, each provides water purification for a crystal clean swim spa. Diamond AOP is revolutionary and is our most advanced water purification system, incorporating both ozone, a mixing chamber and UV light to sterilise the spa water 24 hours a day.

All the TidalFit models, including the latest Core Swim 14, have been designed specifically with their own individual and unique systems to ensure that they suit your various swimming capabilities and match your specific exercise needs. Customise your swim spa for the ultimate experience and let today be the beginning of your health and fitness journey with a TidalFit swim spa from Artesian Spas. Discover our full range here.