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Posted on HBS Leisure at June 22, 2021 at 03:44PM

Our “Grey Mosaic” Wood – Fried Oven looking great on its new Table Stand.

⁉️ Did you know, these amazing handmade ovens are not just for Pizza’s? That’s right! You can…

🔥 Roast
🔥 Smoke
🔥 Pan Cook
🔥 Slow Cook &
🔥 Bake

The recipes are endless!

With 5 different style ranges and 3 sizes to choose from, you can fully customise your oven to suit your friends/family size and also your perfect look.

Come and visit our showroom in Stokesley to take a peak at the ovens we have and receive any additional information you may need.

☀️ We look forward to seeing you ☀️

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