During these colder, darker days there is nothing more appealing that jumping into your own personal, luxury hot tub.

You may worry that keeping a ‘ready to jump into’ temperature of 40 degrees Celsius during colder months will use more energy, sending your electricity costs spiralling along with your hot tub dreams.

But don’t worry! A good quality, efficiently built hot tub such as Artesian Spas, should only cost you between £30 and £40 a month extra, even in the wintertime! If you do find your hot tub is costing you more, here are a few ways to reduce your energy costs.


8 Money Saving Tips & Tricks


#1 Turn The Temperature Down On Your Hot Tub

Most people like to run their hot tubs between 38 – 40 degrees Celsius so it is ready to use and they can hop straight in when they fancy, but keeping it running at that temperature permanently may increase your energy usage.

If you are not planning to use your hot tub for a while, it may be worth turning the temperature down a few degrees. Some hot tubs, such as those by Artesian Spas, will give you the option to use an ‘eco mode’ setting, with the ability to control what time of day to lower/raise the temperature ready to use. If you are planning a vacation at all this is a useful setting

#2 Check Your Electricity Tariff

Your hot tub runs off an electrical supply 24/7.

It is worth checking that you are on the best possible tariff for standing and unit charges, especially with the current rising costs. If it is possible, switch to a lower tariff! This will save you money on your overall energy costs as well as your hot tub usage. Even with a great, energy efficient hot tub, being on the lowest possible tariff will save you money.


#3 Check The Condition Of Your Hot Tub Cover

Check your hot tub cover for damage. Any damage may affect the efficiency of your hot tub cover.

Is your hot tub cover well insulated? If your hot tub cover is not of good quality and well insulated, heat could be escaping through the surface of your hot tub, costing you money.

If your hot tub cover is looking a bit worse for wear, it may be cheaper in the long run to purchase a replacement.

Adding a cover lifter is also a good option, not only making it easier to lift but also will keep your cover off the ground and in good condition.

#4 Insulate Your Hot Tub Cabinet

A lot of heat can also escape your hot tub from the underside and cabinets of your hot tub if this space is not properly insulated.

We recommend opting for a hot tub with full foam insulation, which will dramatically decrease your electricity bill. All Artesian Spas will come with insulation included with the option of upgrading to full foam insulation, and many will even have full foam included as standard.

Artesian’s full foam insulation provides the best heat retention available in any spa on the market and will also prolong the life of your hot tub, adding stability and preventing vibrations to your hot tub parts, which can cause wear and tear over time.

If your hot tub doesn’t include any insulation, there are ways you can add this to the cabinets yourself. You could try adding an insulating board to the inside of your cabinet or lining it with reflective foil.


#5 Close Your Hot Tub Air Jets

While adding air to your jets is a great way to add power to your massage, it also brings cold air, which can gradually reduce the temperature of the water, meaning your hot tub is constantly working to bring the temperature back up.

We suggest that you turn the air inducers off while you are not using the hot tub to reduce hot tub running costs.


#6 Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

Keeping your hot tub clean is not only going to make your hot tub experience so much more please and safer, but it will also help to reduce your running costs.

If your filter is dirty and clogged, the filtration is going to have poor water flow and will have to work twice as hard to stay clean, which in turn will increase your hot tub bills.

We recommend rinsing your filter on a weekly basis and soaking it in a filter cleaner once a month to keep it in tip top condition, which will also prolong the life of your hot tub filters. It may be a good idea to purchase a spare filter so that you can rotate them while cleaning, this way you can continue to use your hot tub as regularly as you like.


#7 Keep your water clean

We all pay to use water, and then when we’re finished, we pay to have it removed. If you are on a water meter you may be concerned about your water usage.

If your water is well maintained and balanced using the appropriate chemicals you will not need to drain your hot tub as often, we recommend about every 4 month, depending on your usage.

By choosing a BISHTA approved hot tub dealer you will have peace of mind that your dealer is responsible, supplies great products and has great chemical knowledge to pass along to purchasers.

#8 Upgrade Your Hot Tub

If your hot tub is costing over the odds and has not been efficiently built or is outdated, it may be cheaper to bite the bullet and purchase a newer, more efficient hot tub which is cheaper to run.


You should always bare in mind the running costs when hot tub shopping, generally a better quality, well insulated hot tub will save you money in the long term.

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