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Fuego: Smoked Bolognese Sauce

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 30 mins Total Time 40 mins Learn how to make a traditional Bolognese sauce cooked over hot embers and smoked with applewood chips for a sweet and smoky taste that will make any pasta or lasagne dish stand out! Ingredients 500g beef mince 2 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, …

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Fuego: Yoghurt Flatbreads

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 3 mins Total Time 13 mins This is a quick and easy recipe to make your own flatbreads ready to char on a hot grill in your wood-fired oven. The recipe uses equal parts of yoghurt and self-raising flour to make a light and creamy flatbread. You can also …

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Fuego: Classic Neapolitan Pizza

Prep Time 24 hrs 30 mins Cook Time 1 min Total Time 24 hrs 31 mins There is nothing more rewarding than baking your own pizza in a wood-fired oven, especially if you are making a classic Neapolitan pizza. Those lovely charred ‘tiger’ spots dotted all over a perfectly puffed up pizza crust are pure …

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Introducing Fuego Wood Fired Ovens

Hand-made by artisan craftsmen with unique fire clay in the Castile region of Spain, no other outdoor pizza oven for sale comes close for ease, speed, efficiency and cooking creativity. Every Fuego clay oven is bespoke, making it versatile to your cooking needs. You specify the finish, door and chimney. Create more than just amazing pizzas …

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Fuego: Beef Bourguignon

Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 3 hours Total Time 3hrs 20 mins Nothing beats the rich and smoky flavour of a slow cooked beef bourguignon in a wood-fired oven. Make sure you source good-quality, well-marbled braising meat from a reputable butcher for this beef bourguignon recipe and make sure you serve it with creamy …

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