As more and more people are taking advantage of staycations and enjoying luxuries from home, hot tubs are quickly becoming the new must have trend. If you are feeling tempted but have no idea where to start, here will be a good place!

HBS Leisure take pride in being a UK authorised Artesian Spas retailer, one of the UK’s leading providers. Don’t forget that at HBS Leisure we have our showroom for you to pop in and see one of our friendly team so that we can answer any questions you might have. We have a fantastic selection of hot tubs on display there, so you can come and check out the quality and see the differences for yourself.

Here at HBS Leisure we understand the importance of finding the right hot tub for your family, which is why we have compiled our expertise and knowledge into this handy buying guide.



When looking for your perfect hot tub, it is easy to get carried away with all sorts of technical information, a lot of which will make little sense to you. We recommend focussing on what is important to you. Whether it be having the most efficient hot tub on the market or the best hydrotherapy massage possible, everyone has their own reasons for purchasing a hot tub, so try to keep yours in mind throughout your journey.

Here are the key features you may want to consider before setting off hot tub shopping:

  • Number of seats
  • Quality and ratio of jets
  • Electrical supply
  • Overall size of the hot tub or spa (make sure it will fit in your desired space)
  • Insulation
  • Additional features
    • Audio systems
    • Lighting
    • Water features (waterfalls)



This is possibly the most important factor in purchasing a hot tub. A hot tub is a fairly big investment and I am sure you will want it to last a long time with minimal problems and low running costs. Whatever feature is the most important to you, opting for a reputable hot tub manufacturer will ensure you are getting a quality, long lasting hot tub. Look at reviews online and shortlist some manufacturers. Make sure you check the warranty which is included. You will find that hot tubs manufactured in the USA such as Artesian Spas will make it to the top of the list.

We highly recommend that you physically see some hot tubs before purchasing. If you see a deal online that appears too good to be true, that usually is the case!  You may receive a hot tub much lower in quality than what you were expecting, with much higher running costs and repairs. It is important to see the quality for yourself by visiting a reputable hot tub show room.

Purchasing from a reputable and trustworthy hot tub dealer is also important. Choosing a dealer that is both Whatspa and BISHTA approved, such as HBS Leisure, will ensure high standards. This way you can be assured that you will be given sound advice and great aftersales care.


A hot tub is a big commitment, have a look into what a hot tub lifestyle means for you. Owning a hot tub comes with many health and social benefits but will also require a certain level of maintenance. There are options available for easier maintenance such as the SpaFrog in line sanitizer and good hot tub dealers such as HBS Leisure will take their time to educate you on hot tub care but ultimately this will be your responsibility. If you are worried about caring for your hot tub, it may be worth looking for one with an upgraded water sanitisation system such as AOP.


Planning where to sit your hot tub takes some thought. Don’t forget to consider the direction you would like to face, particularly if your hot tub features a lounger. Bare in mind where your electricals will go and which side the control panel will be on. You will need access to certain panels of your hot tub for wiring it up, servicing and repairs. Good quality hot tubs such as Artesian will place all your components under one panel for easy access.

You will also need to plan a route of access to get your hot tub into place on delivery. Here at HBS Leisure we will conduct a free of charge, no obligation site survey, where our experienced team will come and take a look for themselves and help devise a plan of action and determine whether your hot tub will fit, and if access is straight forward or if extra help may be needed such as a crane hire.


Most hot tubs will require a 13 amp or a 32 amp connection.

A 13 amp hot tub will plug straight into a socket, often referred to as plug as play. For some this is a simple option with very little hassle, but bare in mind a 13 amp hot tub will not have the capacity to run the jets and the heater at the same time. So if you plan in enjoying your hot tub all year round, it will likely lose temperature quicker in the colder weather while your jets are running. It will also mean that it will only have enough power to run 1 hot tub pump, so the number of jets to pump ratio will need to be relatively low to be able to apply enough pressure to the jets.

A 32 amp hot tub will need to be hard wired into your consumer unit, with an isolator switch located at least 2 meters away from your hot tub. This will require more work and costs to install initially but does have the capacity to run both the heater and jets simultaneously. They will also tend to have multiple pumps and therefore more jets.


The ideal hot tubs are ones that provide you with years of entertainment and pleasure, without costing you a bomb to run. Make sure you check the quality of the Hot Tub construction.

Generally the better made the hot tub is, the cheaper it will be to run. Check what insulation is available, we recommend full foam insulation for maximum heat retention. Your hot tub lid will also play a mayor part, be sure the lid is well insulated, weather resistant and creates a seal so that heat can’t escape. All Artesian models come with an All Seasons Shield Cover. You should also look for a hot tub with an ABS base, as well as retaining heat at the bottom of your Hot Tub, a strong base will prevent garden creatures and outdoor pests from getting inside it too.

The plumbing also plays a part in your running costs believe it or not. You wouldn’t purchase a car without seeing what is under the bonnet and the same should go for hot tubs. Some cheaply made hot tubs will have shoddy plumbing with lots of bends and joints. Well built hot tubs such as Artesian will have a lot less (if any) right angles in the plumbing. These bends will interrupt the water flow and decrease the pressure to the jets dramatically. To combat this, more powerful pumps are needed to power these hot tubs, which of course will cost more to run.

How long it takes to heat up the water is also another factor to consider. The best quality spas such as Artesian Spas will use a titanium element, which is much more reactive and will heat your hot tub water quicker and more effectively.


When referring to hot tub hydrotherapy, this means specifically directed jets of water that benefit every part of the body, including skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, neuromuscular and digestive systems.

A lot of people assume that the more jets, the better the hot tub, but this is not necessarily true. The more jets your hot tub has, the more power that will be needed to apply the right amount of pressure to each jet in order to benefit you. Watch out for a hot tub with too many jets and not enough pumps!

The placement of the jets is actually the key to the best hydrotherapy. Extensive research into jet placement is needed to get this just right, and Artesian have done just that!

Consider the quality of the jets too, ensure they are adjustable and that you can customise your massage, not all bodies are the same and a one massage suits all may not be the best way to hydrotherapy heaven. Some hot tubs will have specialist jets, such as Artesian’s Helix Jets.



If you looking for a hot tub for social gathering you may want your hot tub to provide music, make sure you look at the entertainment system that comes with it, not all hot tubs will have this option and some systems may be better than others. Consider features such as lighting, which can provide a great party ambience.


Reputable Hot Tub manufacturers can offer finance packages so that you can spread the cost of buying your Hot Tub. This means you can choose a hot tub that is right for you without breaking the bank. HBS Leisure offer 0% finance over 1, 2 or 3 years, or if you decide it’s easier to buy now and pay later, we can also help, with a payment holiday period of 12 months. For further information on our latest Hot Tub finance packages, please call our sales team on 01642 133 150.


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